Broken Music Fan Club DVD now being shipped...
September 07, 2006 
The Broken Music Fan Club DVD which will be issued to Premium members who renewed their memberships for a third consecutive year has started to ship out. Trailers for the DVD and a slideshow of images can be viewed in the Exclusives section of the website. The documentary style DVD contains over two and half hours of material filmed during tour rehearsals in Tuscany and on the US Broken Music tour in Spring 2005.

Once all the DVD's have shipped out to the these members the DVD will be made available for all club members to purchase from the store if they wish to obtain a copy. The Sacred Love Fan Club DVD is now available for basic members to purchase via the store if they wish to obtain a copy. See for more information.


Sep 06, 2006

'Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out' DVD Release - Send an e-card to your friends!

DVD includes behind-the-scenes, never-before-seen footage and over 60 rare song performances from The Police. A must for all Police fans...
Sep 04, 2006


Sting says he's fully aware that an album of 16th century lute songs is not exactly a commercial slam-dunk. But he's holding out hope that his 'Songs From the Labyrinth', due Oct. 10 via Deutsche Grammophon, will find an audience. "I keep saying it - you just never know," says Sting, who recorded the album with lute player Edin Karamazov from Sarajevo. "I think this is a longer shot than ['O Brother, Where Art Thou?'] but... why not? The response so far has been very encouraging. People have said, 'Wow, this is totally different. How refreshing.' I don't know - that may translate into mass appeal or it may not...