A short film featuring Dominic Miller...
July 21, 2006 
Nik Askew makes films. Films that reflect the world through his eyes, so are probably a more accurate reflection than any words. Some of Nik's films can be seen at Monday9am who make and screen short films that provoke you to think about what it is that makes you feel truly alive. As it says on their website, "We don't set out to answer these questions for you, as often they are the ones that only you should answer. Your life is your journey, if you choose it to be. Perhaps no one can give you your answers, but many things can help you find them for yourself."

A few months ago Nik contacted Dominic Miller to see if he was interested in getting together and having a chat and possible working together on something... 'the balls to stand naked' stars Dominic clocks in at 6 minutes 22 seconds. So how does everything we create, start? Perhaps it is with the relationship between two things, between us and a somebody or a something? Perhaps it is in our reaction with the world around us. And if it is, do we have a responsibility to ourselves to act on such potential relationships when we know that there is a 'story crying out to be told'? Dominic has for a long time recognised this pattern in his composition. As for the standing naked, you will have to see the film at www.monday9am.tv - check it out now!


Jul 08, 2006

Dominic Miller's new album 'Fourth Wall'

Dominic Miller's new album 'Fourth Wall' will be released on September 1, but the album can be ordered for immediate delivery via his website...
Jul 01, 2006


He's famous for tantric sex and befriending rainforest Indians. Now Sting is pursuing another unusual enthusiasm - releasing songs by a long-forgotten Elizabethan lute player whom he believes was England's first singer-songwriter. Sing is fascinated by John Dowland, a 16th century contemporary of Shakespeare, and is convinced he has a strong spiritual connection with the musician. Now the 54 year old rock start believes he can finally bring Dowland the acclaim he deserves - producing an album of his work which he describes as a "labour of love". The CD, 'Songs from the Labyrinth', is due out later this year and is Sting's tribute to the musician and composer he admits has been "gently haunting" him for more than two decades...