NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN: The More I Love My Life (feat. Carlos Santana, Sting, Stevie Wonder)

Nov 10, 2023
Track List And Lyrics
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  1. The More I Love My Life (feat.Carlos Santana, Sting and Stevie Wonder)
Nicolosi / Walden Music


Euphoria means to be overjoyed, happy and high, in good spirits with life! My music represents creativity, inspiration and aspiration to my own highest. My name is Narada Michael Anthony Walden. Narada, meaning supreme musician, was given to me by my Guru, Sri Chinmoy in 1976. This album with Lino Nicolosi will be my 18th solo album. I want you to play it loud, enjoy it and know that I am happy to play for you and celebrate life with you and look forward to meeting you at live concerts. Lastly I would like to inspire you to be happy.

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