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Freak The Mighty (Remix)





Freak The Mighty (Remix)

Walking this high road
Are warriors from an olden time
a curse on this land
Oh, the days far behind us
Dragons we've slain
Rescued many maidens fair
No man ever dared break our stride
Or the brotherhood that binds us

Brothers are we
Marching on the roads of time
From this broken land
And the days that defined us
Well, all men are free
Justice is a sword we hold
Trusting in the knight's noble vow
In the brotherhood that binds us

Freak the mighty, freak the mighty
(Repeat in back with following)

When the broken are strong
When the beaten are proud
When the twisted can stand
When the silenced can laugh
When the haunted have turned
When the tortured are sane
When the blinded still stare
When the poisoned remain
When the voiceless can sing
When the shackled can run
And this downtrodden man
Holds his face to the sun
We'll be walking high above the world
Our legend will say

Freak the mighty

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