Dominic Miller's new album 'Fourth Wall'
July 08, 2006 
Dominic Miller's new album 'Fourth Wall' will be released on September 1, but the album can be ordered for immediate delivery via his website.

Regular visitors to Dominic's website will know that he has been keeping a detailed journal that charts the album's progress from his first ideas right through to final mixing and organising the artwork. Some of the guest artists on the album include Chris Botti, Rhani Krija, Mike Lindup, William Topley, and Nicolas Fizsman.

We don't really need to tell you just how good the album is, but you can find out for yourselves by ordering online at And as an added bonus, everyone that orders the album online up until July 31 will automatically be entered in a free draw to win one of ten sets of a signed CD and and signed poster!.

In September Dominic will be showcasing the album at three launch shows in Germany, where he will be performing with Mike Lindup, Rhani Krija and Nicolas Fiszman. The shows are

20.09.2006 Berlin, Quasimodo
21.09.2006 Düsseldorf, Savoy Theater
23.09.2006 Hamburg, Reeperbahn Festival


Jul 01, 2006


He's famous for tantric sex and befriending rainforest Indians. Now Sting is pursuing another unusual enthusiasm - releasing songs by a long-forgotten Elizabethan lute player whom he believes was England's first singer-songwriter. Sing is fascinated by John Dowland, a 16th century contemporary of Shakespeare, and is convinced he has a strong spiritual connection with the musician. Now the 54 year old rock start believes he can finally bring Dowland the acclaim he deserves - producing an album of his work which he describes as a "labour of love". The CD, 'Songs from the Labyrinth', is due out later this year and is Sting's tribute to the musician and composer he admits has been "gently haunting" him for more than two decades...
Jul 01, 2006

Sting's reading matter...

We know that many of you are interested in what Sting has been reading so when we caught up with him in New York recently we asked him if he could recommend any good books so that you might have something to read while travelling to and from concerts during the summer tour. You can view his reply in our latest video clip in Virtual Ticket...