Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out...
July 22, 2006 
Stewart Copeland's movie about The Police 'Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out' will be broadcast several times next month on the SHOWTIME and SHOWTIME 2 channel in the USA.

Scheduled broadcast dates and times are as follows:

August 6 @ 8.30pm ET
August 9 @ 10pm ET
August 12 @ 11pm ET
August 18 @ 10pm ET (SHOWTIME2)
August 22 @ 6.45pm ET
August 24 @ 6.15pm ET (SHOWTIME2)
August 30 @ 9pm ET (SHOWTIME2)
August 31 @ 6.45pm ET


Jul 21, 2006

A short film featuring Dominic Miller...

Nik Askew makes films. Films that reflect the world through his eyes, so are probably a more accurate reflection than any words. A few months ago Nik contacted Dominic Miller to see if he was interested in getting together and having a chat and possible working together on something... 'The balls to stand naked' stars Dominic clocks in at 6 minutes 22 seconds...
Jul 08, 2006

Dominic Miller's new album 'Fourth Wall'

Dominic Miller's new album 'Fourth Wall' will be released on September 1, but the album can be ordered for immediate delivery via his website...