Membership News
August 22, 2006, Sting's official fan club will shortly be entering it's fourth year as an online community. Since succeeding the Outlandos Fan Club in summer 2003, membership has increased dramatically with members enjoying exclusive video footage, fan club concerts, priority booking of concert tickets, contests, exclusive fan club DVDs and a community area shared with thousands of other members. The Police and Sting have operated a subscription based fan club since 1980 and you can read a little about the history of the club at FAN CLUB HISTORY.

DVD Update The Broken Music Fan Club DVD which is due to be shipped to third year Premium members is currently being pressed. As soon as this is completed we will update you again and tell you when shipping has started. This is later than we would have liked, but the obtaining of various copyright clearances has delayed us a little. Please remember that if you have changed postal address within the last 12 months it is important that you ensure your membership record has been amended with your new address otherwise your DVD will ship out to your old address. You can check and amend your address details in the "My Account" section once you are logged into the community area. While there, please also check your credit card details and expiry date are still valid as a rejected payment may lead to your membership expiring and with it your Legacy status (see below for more details).

Next year's DVD for Premium members will feature footage from Sting's return to Newcastle in May 2006, footage from the European leg of his Broken Music tour and some additional footage which we intend to film later this year.

Membership Changes We intend making some minor, but important, membership changes from the time the fourth year renewals take place. One of the main reasons for this is that with several years premium level DVD's now being available we think it is becoming confusing for members to know which DVD they qualify for so we are seeking to make this simpler. Also, by popular demand, we are introducing the facility for basic members to upgrade their membership level to premium. So, with effect from August 2006 when the fourth year membership renewals become due the following changes will apply:

1. Basic level members will have the opportunity to upgrade to Premium level membership at the time of renewal, at the Premium level membership fee of . All Basic level members that upgrade at this time will receive - as their Premium level "gift" - next year's DVD. This DVD will feature footage from Sting's return to Newcastle in May 2006, footage from the European leg of his Broken Music tour and some additional footage which we intend to film later this year. The DVD will ship out to members during the membership year. Please note that it will only be possible to upgrade at the time of renewal and not at any other time during the period of membership.

2. For new Premium members that join with effect from 14 August they will have the option of choosing as their premium "gift" either the "Inside Out on the Sacred Love Tour" DVD or the "Broken Music Fan Club" DVD. And for those that are quick off the mark, we'll throw in a copy of the Fan Club CD-ROM (while stocks last)!

3. The "Inside Out on the Sacred Love Tour" DVD is now available for Basic level members to purchase from the store. The "Broken Music Fan Club" DVD will be available for Basic level members to purchase later this year.

4. This change will not have any effect on Legacy Memberships. You may recall that anyone that was a member of at 31 January 2006 and continues with an unbroken membership is classed as a "Legacy" member. For more information on the benefit of Legacy memberships see LEGACY MEMBERSHIP.


Aug 18, 2006

Be part of the Rainforest Foundation - US Eleventh Annual 2007 Appointment Calendar...

The Rainforest Foundation would like to invite you to join this group - and to literally help save the Amazon a day at a time - by sponsoring a page, a quote or the entire calendar. As a sponsor, your page or quote will appear in the calendar and you will receive copies to give your family, friends, and employees...
Aug 06, 2006

Sting ignites crowd in Narragansett...

Last night was the ultimate birthday/beach-blanket party - surf, sand and rock superstar Sting. Just as the sun went down, the British musician stepped out on the concert stage in the backyard of the Sandcastle-by-the-Sea mansion and faced a crowd of hundreds of ecstatic beachgoers...