Introducing 'The Police TV'...

August 27, 2008

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The Reunion Tour may be over, but we're happy to announce a new tool to help you relive some of the moments from the road. With The Police TV, you can enjoy all kinds of videos from the tour vault, including footage of great performances, candid backstage moments with the band, plus clips from Tokyo to the finale in New York City and everywhere between. We will add a different clip to The Police TV each week so check back often!

As great as the action on stage was, the memories from in the crowds and the parking lots will last just as long. That's why we're calling on all The Police fans out there to submit their own content. Tell us about your favourite memory from the tour, or reminisce about the first time you ever saw a Police concert. Upload your own photos and videos, or even audio messages to the band. Please note: there will be a lag time between when your content is uploaded and when it may appear in The Police TV player. All footage will be monitored and subject to approval before posting.

You can also grab the player and add it to your own Facebook or Myspace page, your blog, or anywhere else. Spread the word - send The Police TV to your friends so they can enjoy all the great content, and put their own stamp on The Police TV.


Aug 20, 2008

The numbers, even without the context of touring economics or music history, are pretty staggering: $358,825,665 gross, 3,300,912 tickets sold. The tour most thought would never happen ended up logging 146 headlining shows, plus appearances at five festivals...

Aug 8, 2008

Rock band The Police have performed the final concert of their reunion tour in New York's Madison Square Garden. In what is thought to have been their farewell show, frontman Sting thanked his bandmates for their "musicianship, companionship and understanding"...