Message from Sting!
January 07, 2019 

As we start 2019, Sting has a message for all club members. Check it out here: 

lelleq January 16,2019
kerstin lelle q
love all yuor love your music follows you on instagram and   And you are an unbearable singer you o shaggy are both top
PAOLO64 January 16,2019
Happy new year .....2019
Heartfelt thanks Sting! Many good wishes to you and your whole family too! See you on July 30th in Padua!! And if you can add some Italian date please! Happy New Year also to all members of the Club!
marc January 15,2019
Thank you for your message and wishing you all the best for 2o19.
alphonsobillie January 13,2019
Sting - The gentleman!
It's lovely hearing your voice Sting & amazing listening to you sing! You believe in hard work to achieve good results and that's why you are so successful! Keep it up!!! Looking forward to hear your remake of old songs in the near future and as usual, it is your style in doing so, as done throughout your career. Thank you Sting; you've made us so happy with your music! God bless you and I wish you a happy & healthy new year!
celineblachier January 12,2019
Happy new year too!!!
Thank you very much. May 2019 be healthy, happy, full of love and a great year for our planet. Hope to see you again in France soon, maybe in Vienne?? Best whishes to you and yours Dearest Céline
Vaud January 11,2019
Meilleurs voeux pour 2019
Cher Sting, je vous souhaite tous mes voeux pour 2019. Je me réjouis de pouvoir vous entendre en Suisse. Votre message vous reflète parfaitement & merci d'avoir pris le temps pour créer ce petit clip. J'attend avec impatience la sortie de votre disque. Je suis une grande fan depuis les années 80 et je ne me lasse pas d'écouter vos différents titres. J'espère sincèrement que vous viendrez nous faire partager un de vos magnifiques concerts car mes amis & moi-même vous attendons. Recevez, cher Sting, l'expression de mes sentiments respectueux et distingués.
lucky January 11,2019
Great to hear
Really nice message and great to hear. Looking forward to 2019 and whats in store. All the best to the fan club here!
lelleq January 10,2019
kerstin lelle q
ello a wonderful singer listened to you since 1983 ... saw you come to sweden so tickets have yes so in stockholm yes hope to see you live maybe also get to talk a little with you o shaggy you are my idols 17 june green grove
matteobr January 10,2019
Thank you
Nothing to say more than, thank you Gordon! Please, more concerts for Italy!
Debbie73 January 09,2019
Happy new year!
Thank you for your message! It's always gratifying to listen to your words . For me it's amazing how hard you are still working..I've always been a big fan of you but it's only few months ago since I follow your daily life on instagram and others and you never stop!You go from one side of the world to the other side as it was so easy and I think this is not. I would have never thought it... Thank you for trying to share your music as far as you can. Please!don't miss Barcelóna (or Girona)on your next tour!!! (I am waiting for new dates to decide my holidays ;)...ummm have you ever been to Menorca (Balear Islands)?if not, I'll recommend you to go on your summer tour) We are looking forward of seeing you Best wishes Débora
Noella January 08,2019
A message for our dear Sting
Thank you for this lovely message, dear Sting! I wish you all the best for you and your beautiful family in this new year, may you always have hope, health and lot of love. I hope we could have soon the privilege of seeing you again in Buenos Aires, Argentina! We love you very much here, and we are thankful for all your music. X
natgi January 08,2019
Best whishes
I wish you health, little and large pleasures and serenity


Jan 07, 2019

Message from Sting!

As we start 2019, Sting has a message for all club members. Click here to check it out here... 

Jan 05, 2019

Sting plans to "reimagine" his past songs for a new album due this summer...

Later this summer, Sting plans to release a new album featuring "reimagined" versions of some of his best-known songs. Our first taste of it comes with a new version of 1999's "Brand New Day," which is now available for streaming and download.