We are Spirits in the Material World

February 15, 2017

Check out this clip filmed on the 57th & 9th Tour

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Directed and Edited by Jeff Coffman.



Feb 14, 2017

As the parents of children who currently attend the Mill Neck Manor Early Childhood Center, a preschool for children with disabilities and special needs, we would like to whole heartedly ask our community members to help us in our endeavor to prevent the school from closing. It has recently been brought to our attention that this wonderful program, that has touched the lives of so many families, will be shut down because of financial matters...

Feb 13, 2017

It’s amazing how many Sting songs from the Ronald Reagan ’80s work well in today’s Donald Trump era. In “Spirits in the Material World,” the 1981 Police song famous for its line, “There are no political solutions,” Sting sings, “Our so-called leaders speak / With words they try to jail you.” In “An Englishman in New York,” the 1987 Sting hit with the chorus, “I’m an alien/ I’m a legal alien,” Sting sings, “Takes more than combat gear to make a man/ Takes more than a license for a gun.”