Sting’s Book of the Month, August 2018...

August 07, 2018

My book of the month for August is Craig Brown’s biography of Princess Margaret. ‘Ma’am Darling’. While I’m not normally into Royal biographies, this one is rather unique in its beautifully written kaleidoscopic structure. It is very funny without being entirely uncompassionate about her celebrated rudeness.

She once asked me, “Does your mother call you Sting?”

“Yes Ma’am she does.”

“Pity!” She responded, and I have to confess I burst out laughing as her royal back retreated into the room presumably to assail yet another victim with her distain. 

I thought she was magnificent.

It’s obvious from the book that my experience here was far from unique.



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Jul 26, 2018

At 31:36 in this @facebook live clip Paul McCartney says he wishes he would have written “Fields of Gold.” There are more than a few of Paul’s that I wish I would have written. To hear this from someone I owe my life to is very special. Thank you, Paul. - Sting