Miami, FL, US
Orange Bowlwith The Animals, The Fixx
Police arrest attention of 47,500...

The Police were the arresting officers and the audience was their willing captives in concert Friday night in the Orange Bowl.

Like an evangelistic preacher, lead singer-bass guitarist Sting stirred the audience into a communal spirit seldom matched at rock concerts since the days of Woodstock. It seemed everyone was singing along, or echoing the Police with its trademark chant, ''yo-oh.''

There's something magical about this trio, a sense of excitement that threads through its music, and an infectious energy that's released through the group's boyish antics on stage. Many of the band's songs are based on a basic jungle beat that stimulated most of the 47,500 fans.

The group has so many hits that it couldn't sing them all, though the Police played for more than one and a half hours. They played about half the songs from their current No. 1 album, 'Synchronicity', and hits and other popular songs from their first three albums, such as 'Don't Stand So Close to Me', 'Roxanne', and 'Message in a Bottle'.

The Animals and The Fixx opened the concert but the Police were the best act of the three. None of the music was as good as it could have been because the large stadium setting didn't do justice to a trio's sound.

The Animals opened the concert, three minutes earlier than scheduled -- which was shocking, considering that most rock concerts fall behind schedule. With the original members, including lead singer Eric Burdon, the Animals' sound was much like it was 15 years ago, though more raucous than was fashionable during that mellow, peace-loving musical era. They played mostly their best-known hits, including 'House of the Rising Sun' and 'We Gotta Get Out of this Place'.

The Fixx's four biggest hits - 'Saved by Zero', 'Stand or Fall', 'One Thing Leads to Another' and 'Red Skies' - were familiar, good to hear and well done, but otherwise the rest of their music was unexciting. The band also lacks stage personality; only the lead singer gestured or spoke occasionally.

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