Edinburgh, GB
The Playhouse
The Police at Edinburgh Playhouse...

Wow, I was 12 years old - barely allowed to be at a gig - how the years have flown. I'd been into the Police since aged 8 and this was the first time my parents thought I was old enough to see them.

Got tickets through the fan club and was barely tall enough to see! I was mid way back in the venue and there was a security barrier stopping you getting down the last few rows to the front of the stage - mid way through the gig I was jumping around so madly someone pulled at my shirt - one of the ladies from the fan club recognised my membership badge and shouted to me that she'd get me down the front - oh my god!

About 3 songs from the end I finally got to the front right in front of Andy Summers foot - as I looked skyward I could hardly even see his face! At the end of the gig the 2 of them were there in front of me and all I can recall is staring at their toes and not being tall enough to see their faces!

My final moment was Stewart throwing this tartan scarf into the audience (being a Scottish gig) and the same fan club lady (who'd come down with us) grabbing it with me and then we had a struggle as some guy tried to get it out my hand... we finally won most of it over and I came away with half a ripped scarf which I still have proudly today.

I was so p'd that I was so young back then that I was only ever going to have this one opportunity to see them so I just can believe we're here watching this live rehearsal today... just the most incredible day I've had for years.

Now I've moved to New Zealand and I'm going to have to go on my own tour to see them. How many gigs can I get too!

Love to all you fans alike out there...

(c) ''rapidlinus''