Zenyatta Mondatta

Adelaide, SA, AU
Memorial Drivewith The Models
More of the same...

The Police was back. And if truth be known, nothing much has changed in a year. The three members, the music, the crowd, even the songs... all much the same. The most noticeable differences were the outdoor venue and Sting's health. A virus was crippling his vocal chords this time.

Musically, the band is tighter than ever and a little more subtle about the exposing its influences. Reggae is common these days. But that's offset by the rather mundane album the band is now showcasing, 'Zenyatta Mondatta'. Crowd response confirmed that it just does not have the songs of the first two. Oldies such as 'Roxanne', 'Message In A Bottle' and 'Walking On The Moon' got the biggest response. Just like last time.

Yet, this is an immaculate pop outfit, capable of every gimmick in the book without dropping to the depths of Kiss. At least these guys are good. Andy Summers' brilliantly slick guitar, Stewart Copeland's scorching drums, and Sting, whose bass, vocals and stage presence (he can walk on the spot all night) focus the young crowd's attention. The highlight was when some girl lobbed her underwear at a bemused Sting. Summers wanted the rest. The audience probably got what it wanted... more of the same.

Support acts are always limited by weaker sound and effects, as well as crowd apathy. But the Models from Melbourne provided, to this writer at least, that it is one of the best and most creative new bands anywhere. Listen to their album for proof.

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