Zenyatta Mondatta

Santa Barbara, CA, US
University of Californiawith XTC, Oingo Boingo
The Police at the University of California...

After really being into the Police from the git go and loving how they were cranking out better and better albums I finally got a chance to see them, at the then brand new Events Center. Do not know who I went with as I was only 21 at the time so things were fuzzy then(and still are). Previously, I had only been to 7 concerts most of them around the UCSB area (Fleetwood Mac at Campus Stadium in '75 and '77 and Santana/UFO in Rob Gym in '77)

Seats were straight back on the floor riser-Oingo Boingo opened and had a ton of energy they really got the place rocking as the had such a huge college following. Played for about 45 minutes next up was XTC. At the time they had maybe one hit but they had a cool backscreen that made they show more engaging and they were a perfect lead into the boys.

Things that stood out-Sting's big upright bass and the huge sound of Don't Stand, Stewart's always fun to watch, frantic yet tight as hell and how the shape of the building made the vocals and Andy's guitar really soar. Loved the middle of 'Roxanne', along with 'Can't Stand'. Someday, I'll have to get a recording from a date around that show.

I am really glad I saw them them at that time as although I loved their subsequent albums I never really cared for how their live shows had more and more players. I loved seeing just the 3 of them in their raw form.

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