Sting: My Songs Tour

Hannover, DE
ZAG Arena

Sting in Hanover: powerful and taciturn...

Sting is known as the singer of the rock band The Police. Now he has presented all of his hits in Hanover under the motto “My Songs”. Some of them in slightly different form.

Sting has his solo hits as well as those of his former band The Police. Nowadays, however, they sound slightly different - both in concert and on his album "My Songs", which he presented in Hanover. "I hope it's fun to compare the contemporary versions with the originals," Sting said in a previous interview.

The comparison was not difficult because the differences are not very big. He plays his solo hits and those of his former band The Police almost exactly as they have been known for many years. And the fans are quite happy with that, like this one: "That's exactly what we heard 40 years ago when we started with Police. I'm absolutely thrilled, although I'm not an expert at all."

Aside from a few requests to sing along, Sting didn't speak much to his audience. It would certainly have been interesting if he had also told us what he says about his songs in the CD booklet: namely, anecdotes that inspired him to write one or two hits.

Sting kept his promise at the two-hour concert in front of a sold-out house to give the fans what they want - namely the hits. That is his job. And so the fans were happy with the very youthful-looking Sting, his accomplished band and the repertoire, some of which was older than his listeners, as this fan says: "I know him from my father's records as a child." And another fan added: "It was a dream for us. It was absolutely amazing!"

(c) NDR by Uli Kniep