Nov 03, 1992
Track List And Lyrics
    DISC NO: 1
  1. All This Time lyrics
  2. Mad About You lyrics
  3. Every Breath You Take lyrics
  4. Why Should I Cry For You? lyrics
  5. Message In A Bottle lyrics
  6. Tea In The Sahara lyrics
  7. Walking On The Moon lyrics
  8. The Wild Wild Sea lyrics
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This video is the MTV Unplugged performance which was recorded in New York on 5 March 1991. The difference between the version screened on MTV and this release however, is the inclusion of an additional song and interview. Whereas the MTV show concentrated on pre-'Soul Cages' songs, on this release you get excellent performances of 'Why Should I Cry For You' and 'The Wild Wild Sea'. As proved to be the case with the VH1 Storytellers show, Sting enjoyed himself so much doing the acoustic set, that the following month he did a similar set in his home town of Newcastle at the tiny Buddle Arts Centre. Sadly, although this performance was filmed it has had no similar video release although the songs have been released. The Unplugged video is very interesting though and the songs performed work extremely well in their stripped down versions.